Easily Purchase Your Solar & Wind Installation Materials

We provide comprehensive data, accessories and support for alternative energy systems

What We Do

Renewable Energy Evangelism

Part of our vision as an organization is to enlighten the entire Nigerian populace about the importance of renewable energy systems. We hope that in the future financial institutions will be able to partner with installers & end users to setup modular systems. Power is a vital part of our nation's growth - we can no longer wait for our leaders.

Sales of Solar Accessories

Purchase equipment & accessories of all kinds from our online store for your next project. Some of those accessories can also be used in a wind system. In the future we will have wind turbines & specific accessories for a wind power generation project.

Maintenance / Overhaul / Expansion

We also help to maintain & overhaul existing systems in order to increase system efficiency & extend equipment lifespan. Existing Diesel generator systems can be expanded & retrofitted into a Hybrid PV-Diesel system in order to reduce diesel consumption.

Professional/ Advisory Services

Research & Consultation

Get accurate data for the planning phase of your project. Leverage on our information capital make the right decisions. Let us help you do a comprehensive energy audit of your existing system and inform you about the pros & cons specific to your particular project. That way you will know what to expect from your system.

EPC for MW-Scale Plants

Our Engineering team can assist in the design of small, medium & large solar systems. We provide Civil, Mechanical & Electrical drawings including technical specifications. Procurement of solar installation equipment in small & large quantities can be done by our team without any hassle - Keep you mind on things that matter more. Our Construction team, will train & enlist local/community workers during the construction phase of your large projects