About Us

Our goal is to have a common repository that will capture the data for solar projects (Domestic, Commercial & Industrial) within NIgeria. Currently there is no information about the amount of power being generated from renewable (Alternative) energy sources in Nigeria. Without data there can be no planning, so let's track our total collective solar installation in Nigeria.

Add your solar installation information to our data centre to help us achieve that goal. We have chosen to capture only solar energy projects because it is currently the predominant form of renewable energy installations in the country. We personally believe that the current total solar installation within the country is more than 5% (250MW) of Nigeria's total power generation (5000MW) from other sources.

Spread the news to your friends, DIYers, Renewable Energy Enthusiasts, Professional Installers. Let's prove to the government that there is indeed a renewable energy (Solar) movement in Nigeria.Visit our forum to share your thoughts on solar installations in Nigeria.