2-to-1 T/Y Branch MC4 Connectors (1 pair)


This product enables you to directly connect your solar panel array in parallel using the MC4 connectors that come with your solar panels. You do not need to run long (extra) wires from your panels to the point of connection. Just plug-and-play and your connections can now look professional instead of using wire nuts that aren’t weather-proof.

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  • Quick & simple assembly process and simple removal of plugs without the aid of any extra instrument
  • Double seal rings for better waterproof effect
  • Compatible with PV cables with different insulation diameters
  • Resistance of extra high & low temperature and fireproof
  • Load capability with high current and voltage

Technical Specifications:
-Insulation Material:PC/PA, black
-Temperature Range: -40 C ~ +90 C
-Withstanding Voltage:1000 V DC

-Contact Material: Copper, Sliver plated
-Flame Class: UL94-VO or UL94-5VA
-Rated Current: 30A
-Rated Current:22(2.5 mm),30A (4,6 mm)
-Contact resistance: ≤0.2mmΩ
-Waterproof degree:IP67
-Flame class: UL94-VO
-Safety Class: Ⅱ
-Withdrawal force: ≥50N
-Insertion force: ≤50N
-Insulation material: PPO + PA
-Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +90 ℃
-Protection Degree: IP 2X unmated; IP67, mated

Compatible with all MC4 solar connector < MC4 branch connectors or Y/T connectors>

Package includes:
1 x MC4 Branch Male/Female/Female

1 x MC4 Branch Female/Male/Male



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