Battery Percentage Monitor

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This device is suitable for accurately monitoring the percent charge of your car & inverter batteries.

It can be used to monitor either Lithium or Lead Acid Batteries.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Input voltage:8-50V
  • Input current:5-12mA
  • Fit for Battery Type: lead-acid/Pb-Acid battery and Lithium battery
  • LI 2S /3S / 4S /5S /6S /7S…15S  Lead-acid 12V/24V 36V 48V

Instruction for Usage:

The white button at the back of the indicator is used to select parameters

To select your batteries model:

  1. Power off the indicator
  2. Hold down the white button
  3. Power the indicator
  4. Release button, then the screen will display symbols in English: “XP”

or “XC” ,x is the number of cells, then users can select batteries model

by keys in the following order:

  • P1: Pb12V lead-acid battery
  • P2: Pb24V lead-acid battery
  • P3: Pb36V lead-acid battery
  • P4: Pb48V lead-acid battery
  • C2: 2 pcs lithium batteries
  • C3: 3 pcs lithium batteries
  • C4: 4 pcs lithium batteries
  • C5: 5 pcs lithium batteries
  • C6: 6 pcs lithium batteries
  • C7: 7 pcs lithium batteries
  • C8: 8pcs lithium batteries
  • C15:15pcs lithium batteries

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