Combo DC Watt Meter with Shunt (100A, 100v)


This is an excellent meter that can measure energy (wH), power (W), current (A) and voltage (V).

Digital LCD screen gives clear crisp number readings. It comes with a shunt so it can handle up to 100 amps continuous duty and it is suitable for large systems.

This meter is widely used in equipment and electromechanical device monitoring like battery, solar, wind & HHO system.

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About Display
Display interface. By the large screen LCD display LCD monitor voltage and current, kWh, watt, electric parameters
– Watt: the measurement range of 0~10kW
less than 1kW: 0.0~999.9W
less than 10kW: 1000~9999W

– kWh: the measurement range of 0~9999kWh
less than 10kWh: 0~9999Wh
more than 10kWh:10~9999kWh

– The test voltage range of 6.5-100V DC
Display format 6.50~99.99V
– Current test range: 0~100A
Display format 0.00~99.99A


1) Backlight Control
Can turn on/off backlight by short press

2) Power Reset 
Step 1: long time press the button ( about 5 seconds), til display flicker, then release the button;
Step 2: if short time press the button again, then power(kWh) reset zero and exit flicker;
Step 3: if long press button for 5 seconds until it is no longer flicker, power(kWh) data is not cleared and exit.

3) Set the Alarm (watt) 
Step 1: long press the button, till the LCD screen display “SET CLr”, release the button.
Step 2: show the alarm(voltage) value, short time press, value(number) increase. don’t press the button for 3 seconds, the setting switch to other bit.
Step 3: long time press the button(about 5 seconds) —-> save the threshold voltage value. threshold setting watt range: 6.5v-99.99v.

Notes: Pls connect the wiring correctly(The polarity)

  • This module not suit for outdoor
  • The added load can not exceed the rated voltage and current

Package includes:

1 x DC 100A Combo Meter
1x 100A shunt


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