Solar Panel Roof Mount Rail Accessories – End Clamps [4 Pcs]

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  • Quantity: 4 pieces of End Clamp
  • Size: 40mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Purpose: Solar Roof Mounting
  • Use: To hold down ends of solar panels in a row

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End Clamps are mounting components that are used to hold the end of the panels to the rails. They are placed on four point on every installed row: (1) Top-Left  (2) Bottom-Left  (3) Top-Right (4) Bottom Right

Use solar panel roof mount accessories to make your next solar installation job more professional.

Give your solar panels the lift they require to enable air flow underneath them and prevent temperature build-up which reduces solar panel efficiency.

Subjecting your panels to very high temperature over time will reduce their effective lifespan.


Package Includes:

4 pieces of End Clamp (40mm)

You will need to purchase the required number of L-Foot & Mid Clamps if you do not yet have them.


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